Most School Food Programs are Losing Money.

We find hidden opportunities within your current operations to get you back on track and stop the bleeding!

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How we get it done...
In order to to find hidden opportunities and provide you with the best solutions possible, we like to get started by learning about your operations. Our keen set of eyes will quickly, objectively, professionally and discreetly assess your food service program. Creating a true custom process.
After we get to know your operation, we analyze the data and provide you with a report detailing up to 150 areas from both the front and back of the house. The results are real-time quantitative scores and recommendations for improvement from our team of food service professionals.
Not only do we provide the solutions, we help you execute them too. It's easy to tell people what they need to do but the real value in our service is when we get our hands dirty. In the end, the main goal is a healthy, self-sufficient food service program with happy students and employees!
“Raising the Standards of Food Service Excellence.”
Milt Miller
VP of K-12 Operations
Milt has over 40 years in the food service industry. 25 of those years are in School Nutrition. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State, Milt worked in the restaurant industry until returning to Penn State as a Housing and Food Service Director. Following his time at Penn State he has been in School Nutrition until becoming a consultant.

He has a genuine passion for the Food Service Industry and is perpetuating this passion by helping others to grow in the industry. His extensive knowledge in purchasing, food cost controls, staff development, menu development and product and program marketing will prove invaluable to any operation or food service program. His knowledge of grant programs has helped schools find funding for nutrition education.

Milt’s purpose is to provide the most professional and affordable services  available, to help his clients not only meet but exceed their goals.  Through the use of his already established training programs and his ability to customize services to the specific needs of his clients, he will help your program to reach the highest levels of food service excellence.
what do our clients have to say?
"Our cafeteria program was losing in excess of $300,000 annually. The transformation we have experienced is quite remarkable."
Richard Meily, Business Manager, Juniata County School District
"With Mr. Miller’s leadership, we revised spending habits and buying practices from the start, maximizing each dollar."
Richard Musselman, Superintendent, Juniata County School District
“Milt is the most knowledgeable and efficient person we have met in the area of food service.”
Mark Bollman, Superintendent, Tussey Mountain School District
"He understands that the school district is the heart of a community and made a number of connections that both assisted and supported our students."
Margaret McMinn, Director of Human Resources, Altoona Area School District
"Unlike most other contracted services companies, Milt’s goal is to provide clients with the tools and knowledge to be self-sustaining."
Jim Bahorik, Chief Administrator at Juniata County, Pennsylvania
Our food service program assessments have been tested and proven to work. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with our results that we will offer you a full refund of the original price of your assessment/training for up to one year.
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