School Lunch Program Assessment

MOST School Food service Programs are Losing Money! Time to make Your Program Healthy, Not Just Your Food?
Professional Assessment for School Food Service Operations
We are prepared to collaborate with you to ensure the success of your current operations. We leverage our experience in the K-12 industry to identify opportunities for your districts financial success and self-sustainability.
  • Drive Participation - Higher quality and attention to detail drive student participation. As a result of our assessment and diligent follow-up to action items, if participation rates (average daily transactions/average daily participation) can be driven just 1%-3%, the ROI on the assessment process can have a significant impact. (Example: 1,000 available student population at 2% increase = 20 transactions per day; 20 transactions x 180 work days = 3,600 transactions per year. At an average lunch price of $2.75, increased participation = $9,900 in additional revenue per location.)
  • Revenue Generation - Accurate meal recognition and point of sale pricing errors are major sources of lost revenue. Validating menu pricing and correcting errors will increase revenue. Assuming the average cost of an assessment is $3,000 with 180 work days = $16.66 per day to pay for this investment.
  • Food Safety - Mitigate the risk of a major foodborne illness occurrence. According to Center of Disease Control Data (CDC) one (1) in six (6) Americans or 48 million get sick. 128,000 get hospitalized and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases each year.
  • Work Place Safety - Mitigate the risk of injuries in the work place. Based on a 2013 study by the National Safety Council, the average cost of an employee injured at work is $37,000.

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Program Assessment and Analysis

FSS seeks out and finds improvements to your food services operation in order to redefine departmental performance standards, maximize cost efficiencies, and optimize customer service delivery.

Program Compliance Monitoring

FSS ensures your program is in compliance with laws, regulations, industry standards, service delivery, and management contract specifications. FSS makes recommendations, sets measurable goals and objectives for your department and monitors your progress toward obtaining those goals.

Shared Services Assessment

We identify opportunities for shared service agreements between school district food service departments.


Purchasing Strategies

Adopt purchasing strategies that increase quality and reduce plate costs

Charge Policy

Create a Charge Policy that really works to reduce or eliminate bad debt

Free & Reduced Applications

Make sure F&R applications make it home and get returned on time


Increase your e-Rate and your share of state and federal funding


Identify and determine which grant and federal programs will be directly beneficial to your school or district


Menu Optimization

Enhance menu offerings to meet the current trends in school dining

Atmosphere and Presentation

Create a kid-friendly environment

Lifestyle Awareness

Create emphasis on wellness, nutritional information and healthy eating

Human Resources

Employment/ Performance Management

Employee Personal Files, Disciplinary action, Employee Relations Training, Discontinuance of employment

Paid Time Off & Leaves of Absence

PTO/Vacation (including Bereavement; Jury & Witness Duty; Military Leave), Leaves of Absence (FMLA), Attendance Policies, Workplace Accommodations

Workplace Environment

EEO, Policy against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, Dress Code Policy, Email and Internet Policy, Social Networking Policy, Workplace Relationships

Workplace Health & Safety

Communicable Diseases and Medical Emergencies, Alcohol & Drug Policy, Workplace Violence Policy

what do our clients have to say?
“Milt is the most knowledgeable and efficient person we have met in the area of food service. He gave us great advice on how to interview, what to look for, and also helped us through the process of filing with the state.”
Mark Bollman  |  Superintendent  |  Tussey Mountain School District
"I cannot say enough about the depth of Milt’s food service knowledge and his keen ability to assess a situation and develop corrective actions. He understands that the school district is the heart of a community..."
Margaret McMinn |  Director of Human Resources  |  Altoona Area School District
"Prior to Mr. Miller’s arrival, the cafeteria program was losing in excess of $300,000 annually. Our projected loss after just one year of his direction was $36,000. The transformation we have experienced is quite remarkable."
Richard Meily  |  Business Manager  |  Juniata County School District
"Milt made suggestions to reduce the cost of pizza by 50%, using left over’s efficiently, improving the presentation of grab n’ go items, and presenting food to our students in an appealing manner for optimal sales."
Betsy J. Snyder, RD, LDN, SNS  |  Food Service Director  |  Hollidaysburg Area School District