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“When we were considering his services we checked his references. Everyone we contacted gave glowing recommendations. Milt is the most knowledgeable and efficient person we have met in the area of food service. He gave us great advice on how to interview, what to look for, and also helped us through the process of filing with the state.”
- Mark Bollman, Superintendent Tussey Mountain School District
“I cannot say enough about the depth of Milt’s food service knowledge and his keen ability to assess a situation and develop corrective actions.  Milt worked long hours and was always looking for ways to grow our operation, both professionally and fiscally.  He understands that the school district is the heart of a community and made a number of connections that both assisted and supported our students.  Milt understands how important it is to show employees that their work is part and parcel to the impact we have on children.  I am confident that Milt will be an asset to you if you want someone who understands both the fiscal responsibility of the operation but has compassion for the students we serve.”
- Margaret McMinn, Director of Human Resources, Altoona Area School District
“Prior to Mr. Miller’s arrival in the district, the cafeteria program was losing in excess of $300,000 annually.  Our projected loss after just one year of his direction is $36,000.  The transformation we have experienced is quite remarkable.  Not only did he resolve our financial issues but he was able to put together a program that the students truly embrace.  I have no doubt that Mr. Miller’s experience and ability can serve any food service operation well.”
- Richard Meily, Business Manager, Juniata County School District
“With Mr. Miller’s leadership, we revised spending habits and buying practices from the start maximizing each dollar. The cafeteria staff was trained by Milt on nutrition and how to efficiently prepare meals and reduce waste. The menus were changed and a public relations campaign was initiated to encourage more sales. More options were offered to our students and sales did increase. I can hardly explain each step Milt took to improve our program but the bottom line was drastically affected as we sold more food, reduced waste and improved our buying power. “
- Richard Musselman, Superintendent, Juniata County School District
“Prior to him speaking at our meeting, I had the opportunity to receive one on one consulting time.  It wasn’t long before I realized that Mr. Miller’s experience would prove to be beneficial to our school food service program.  Milt made suggestions to reduce the cost of pizza by 50%, using left over’s efficiently, improving the presentation of grab n’ go items, and presenting food to our students in an appealing manner for optimal sales.  In addition, Mr. Miller made suggestions that will increase our daily participation rate.”
- Betsy J. Snyder, RD, LDN,SNS, Food Service Director, Hollidaysburg Area School District
“Milt has always been dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and regulations.  He constantly strives to keep his ideas current and exciting, while making sure that they always follow the government guidelines pertaining to the National School Lunch Program.  He prides himself on being very knowledgeable in regards to current regulations and always seems to find a way to translate them into a meal program that draws participation.

Milt has helped me to learn and understand the National School Lunch Program guidelines along with many of the State of PA guidelines as they pertain to my business.  He has been a wealth of knowledge in adapting the typical, everyday school breakfast and lunch products into healthy versions of the current restaurant trends.  These ideas become products that students recognize and want to purchase.”
- John P. Gallace, Concept Food Sales
"Thank you Milt for your expert insight on school nutrition and your great work on behalf of Skeeter Nut Free!"
- Alix Miller Keating, Director, School Programs
"From 1993 until the end of 2011 I was employed at Juniata County School District where I was responsible for a number of operational areas including food services. It was during 2011, amidst flat participation levels and increasing budget challenges, that we decided to retain the services of Milton Miller.

Once on board, Milt quickly put his vast industry experience to work and reevaluated all aspects of our food services operations including menus, staff training, nutritional guidelines, hiring practices, point-of-sale procedures, equipment, logistics, pricing points, subsidy submissions, accounting procedures, suppliers, al a carte offerings, budgeting and program costs at every level. His comprehensive analysis and subsequent program improvements translated into immediate cost savings along with substantial increases in participation and customer satisfaction.

The depth of Milt’s connections, resources and experience within the industry are invaluable. However, what really makes his firm unique is his business model. Unlike most other contracted services companies, Milt Miller’s goal is to provide clients with the tools and knowledge to be successful and ultimately self-sustaining. Once self-sufficiency is achieved, Milt makes it clear that clients are free to contract with him on an "as needed basis" or not all.

Milt Miller’s professional philosophy truly reflects the old expression, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
- Jim Bahorik, Chief Administrator at Juniata County, Pennsylvania
"Milt provided a detailed plan of action to improve our Food Service Department. He was here at the crucial times needed and provided training where needed to our staff and newly hired Food Service Director. He stuck with the plan, keeping us informed during the entire process, including the areas he felt we needed to focus on improving. At the end of the plan period, he provided a detailed report on what areas need improvement and the plan to keep monitoring to make sure improvements indeed take place. I would highly recommend Milt."
- Lisa Rankin, Board Secretary/Treasurer at Tussey Mountain School District
"Milt was hired to transform our food service program and we saw results immediately. What I liked the most in working with Milt was how well he worked to combine our priorities with his productions processes to accomplish results. Great to work with!"
- Richard Musselman, Superintendent at Juniata County School District
"Milt Miller was one of the first individuals that introduced me to the hospitality industry back at Penn State in 1987. Since then, we have continued to stay in touch often and have monitored each other's career. Now that we both lead successful consulting practices, it was a natural fit for us to collaborate.

Milt is a tremendous foodservice and hospitality resource. He dedicated to continuous education and is always seeking new innovation within the industry. He works hard to exceed the client's expectations. Our working together with higher education clients has proven successful.

Milt is a true gentleman and brings a high level of integrity to every project."
- Matt Mundok, FMP, Principal & Co-Founder, Innovative Hospitality Solutions, Inc. and Food & Beverages Consultant
"I have known Milt for quite some time. His many years of experience and his working knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. He will analyze your business model, determine your problems or areas of improvement and advise you accordingly. His clients needs are his primary concern and he will give you an honest assessment of your situation."
- Keith R. Gibson, Senior atty at Williams, Box, Forshee and Bullard
"In the 3 years that I’ve been working with Milt I’m always impressed with his knowledge, work ethic and willingness to always go the extra mile to take care of the customer. Milt is very technically proficient, with the ability to multitask and manage complex area in Food Service Operations. He is always willing to do the extra to help achieve the objectives."
- Kirk Leidy, Owner/President of Kirk V. Leidy & Associates, Project Lead at Myriad Marketing Tech LLC, Past Chairman of USA Cycling
"I had the pleasure of getting to know Milt while he was the GM at AASD. He set himself apart from other GM's with his drive and passion for the food service industry. He is strategic in working within the parameters he is given, but still manages a creative way to think outside the box and exceed expectations with a project he is working on! Very dedicated and great to work with! I was a better Account Exec after meeting Milt!"
- Katie Hammaker, Director of National Accounts - Food Service at Port-A-Cool LLC
We are prepared to collaborate with you to ensure the success of your current operations. We leverage our experience in the K-12 industry to identify opportunities for your districts financial success and self-sustainability.
  • Drive Participation - Higher quality and attention to detail drive student participation. As a result of our assessment and diligent follow-up to action items, if participation rates (average daily transactions/average daily participation) can be driven just 1%-3%, the ROI on the assessment process can have a significant impact. (Example: 1,000 available student population at 2% increase = 20 transactions per day; 20 transactions x 180 work days = 3,600 transactions per year. At an average lunch price of $2.75, increased participation = $9,900 in additional revenue per location.)
  • Revenue Generation - Accurate meal recognition and point of sale pricing errors are major sources of lost revenue. Validating menu pricing and correcting errors will increase revenue. Assuming the average cost of an assessment is $3,000 with 180 work days = $16.66 per day to pay for this investment.
  • Food Safety - Mitigate the risk of a major foodborne illness occurrence. According to Center of Disease Control Data (CDC) one (1) in six (6) Americans or 48 million get sick. 128,000 get hospitalized and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases each year.
  • Work Place Safety - Mitigate the risk of injuries in the work place. Based on a 2013 study by the National Safety Council, the average cost of an employee injured at work is $37,000.

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