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Restaurant POS Software : Restaurant Menu Planning Software

Menu Planning--Actual Prepared    - "If you want the ultimate control on production...monitor the trash can"

Restaurant POS Software Restaurant Menu Planning Software 

The menu planner of FOODCO7 restaurant POS software allows you to record portionsl prepared, portions leftover and portions used. This historical data allows you to make adjustments the next time this meal is served as well as track left over and actual attendance. The last hot dog to the last person in line is probably an unrealistic goal . . . but knowledge is power and money in the food service industry and the closer you come to accomplishing this goal means more accurate forecasts, fewer leftovers, minimal recylcled product, less to the trash can and more money to the bottom line. The ability to track by date or by event historically and copy the meal, day or the entire cycle saves both time and money while getting you ever closer to serving that last hot dog--to the last person in line.

The tracking of historical sales information works equally as well in a retail operation. Sales are based on a menu and usually predictable. If you are a steak house, you will sell steaks and how many New York Strips compared to 8oz. Filet Mignons will not appreciably vary once you are able to forecast revenue dollars or customer count. The retail term for this type of reporting is menu mix-sales analysis. Just imagine if you could pull all of the sales data inot the format seen below. You would even know how many tomatoes to slice to serve as dinner plate garnishes. Detailed? Absolutely, but someone in your organization will sit down today and prep a gallon of something when only a half is needed.....and the other half will end up in the trash can. With FOODCO these situations will still occur, but the difference is you will know about it.

Imagine. A number called forecast food cost dollars. Projected and actual. If the mix changes, or you increase sales, or do a sales promotion, or change your specials the preparation information and recorded sales information shows the gap. The Shrinkage Gap. The enemy of profit in every food service operation.

Restaurant POS Software Restaurant Menu Planning Software
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